BBS was specially formed and was registered as a Society in 1981 under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

BBS - is committed to the elimination of discrimination based on caste and collaborates with various groups led by Dalit women and men activists, with support and solidarity from organizations, academics, individuals, people’s organizations and institutions throughout the country who are committed to work to protect and promote human rights focusing on women and children from vulnerable communities.

It main aim is to strengthen the institutions delivering justice to ST/SC/ Dalit and build peoples capacity to access them as rights and entitlements. It focuses on women among the vulnerable sections and recognises that economic entitlements are as equally important as social justice where SCs and other vulnerable communities are concerned.

Since 1981, BBS along with collaborating organizations have trained 10025 ST/SC/ Dalit women and men human rights defenders in 7 states. These women and men are youth, village leaders who have been involved as human rights defenders in their villages or towns, . Over the next three years many of them were involved in fact finding of atrocities, supporting the victims in filing complaints, ensuring the registration of FIRs (First Information Reports), working with the duty bearers in ensuring investigation and filing of Charge Sheets as well as strengthening the trial process through guiding victims and witnesses.

In order to raise the visibility of this work BBS organized ST/SC/ Dalit alit BBS Rally’ across the country which started on 6th December 1981 from four corners of the country , Kolkatta and BHUBANSWER/CHENNAI ETC. educate civil society particularly from ST/SC/ Dalit communities on social and economic rights and the need to utilise the institutions of justice and economic development.

BBS r now focuses on Dalit women’s rights to access justice and economic entitlements, tracking budgets and enabling ST/SC/ Dalit communities to utilise the Special Component Plan (SCP) towards their development, to strengthen the land and livelihood rights and to strengthen the criminal justice administration and streamline its access to the vulnerable sections of the Dalit community.