The importance of objectives for an organization needs no emphasis. It is almost able to think of an organization, whether commercial or welfare, without defined or the mission statement as gene Ily called in case of voluntary Organization. The very act of formulating a mission statement identifies the sections whom the organization envisages bD serve. Without defined objectives, or activities of an organization r~emaih-dir~tionless. objectives are also important from the point of view of laying down targets measuring performance of an organization.

Formulation of objectives is based upon and requires -
(i) identifying a problem, probable solutions to it,
(iii) measures to be taken or product to be distributed/ marketed
(iv) beneficiaries to be rescued from the problem.

Future Vision

A self reliant society (NGO in India), free from the evils of caste, creed, gender discrimination, illiteracy, ill health, poverty and exploitation, where the man women move ahead hand in hand and in perfect harmony with nature, so as to attain higher levels of humanness and camaraderie.

To Demonstrate and replicate participatory approaches in the organization of women's Groups for effective Utilization of Resources leading to self - Reliance and Proposed to cons tact a multi specialty Hospital in our Programming area, the section of the General public Which cannot afford the expenses of the private Treatment has been suffering from deplorable conditions Of health care . all the above factors are helpful for a Good scope of educational and research Multimedicare Center in our country . and other details in project .


To provide meaningful opportunities to the poor and disadvantaged, with particular emphasis on the empowerment of women and other vulnerable section of the society so as to achieve high level of sustained social and economic development.

Various aspects of a project viz. preparing a plan, making strategies, funding volunteers; training volunteers and actual implementation of the generally carried out one by one and not simultaneously as in case of concerns.

To acquire, establish, start, run, maintain or rampage schools, collages, libraries, hospital for the benefits of the villagers.

To promote and encourage advancement of library, culture, political, religious, scientific and technical education.

To collect and preserve manuscript, painting, sculptures, weeks of antiquidesign.

To help of the needy communities both in rural and urban areas.

To collect donation, subscriptions and loan for rural and other socio - economic development activities.

To help the aged, sick, helpless and indigent villagers of all communities.

To engaged and assist in such other philanthropic activities as may be desired appropriate by the Executive body of the Sangha.

To construct, maintain building and houses as an infrastructure required for implementation of various programmes.

To organize women of disadvantaged Groups, especially the unorganized sector and help them to upgrade their standard of living through optimum use of their inherent skill and resources.

Legal Status

Registered under Society Registration Act -1961 to the Government of West Bengal and it also Regd. Registration No: S/32613 of 1981 -1982. Date of Registration 16/07/1981
U/S 12A & 80G 5 (vi) of Income Tax Act -1961 and Registered under FCRA Act - 1976.