YOUTH Well Health Awareness Programme
YOUTH Well Health Awareness Programme which includes awarness with HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis C. We are currently looking for Donation for the project.

Shelter House
Our latest proposed project on Home for Homeless. We are currently looking for Donation for the project.

Book Distribution
In order to encourage the poor student for continuing their study, we distributed books to 30 more needy students on the basis of their merit. We could not distribute books to other deserving candldates due to lack of fund constraints. So we have decided to explore external funding for creating a full fledged Library from where book can be supplied to the students just for reading. This way we can increase our beneficiaries. The student after becoming member of our Library will received book and after completion of study, they will return the same to our Library.

Group Based Income Generation Activities
A. Vocational training was provided to 25 poor girls in the stream of tailoring, in last year. Now the same girls are involved in garment production activities as a group based activities. All shorts of forward and backward linkage has been done by our experienced staff to make the unit self reliant.
B. Vocational Training was provided to 100 more farmers to enreach progress about cultivation for their own land and their land also reclamation by us in our project area .
C. Vocational training was provided to 3 more mashroom groups & 2 more Fisherman groups for proper enreach their progress of profession.

Awarness Camp
A. Pulse Polio Awarness Camps: Our organization in collaboration with the Govt, health Department is addressing preventive health care for the children. The organization deployed volunteers to achieve the 100% coverage of pulse polio programme run by Govt. health department.
B. Awarness Camp on Environtmental Pollution: In order to ensure better environment we organized two camps where 500 villagers participated. As a result, plantation was done on the embankment of the cancel for making eco-friendly atmosphere. Sanitation was taken as a important issues.

Education was the topmost programme especially for the children and dropout girl as the area is - dominant with illiterate Scheduled Tribe , Scheduled Caste, OBC, & Muslim Minority communities.
The organization has established a nursery school at the premises of the office building of Barapara Bijoyee Sangha in the village Dharampore. The centre is manned by our 5 nos. of educated and experienced teacher for 200 children enrolled in our school. Cultural enrichment and values are the areas where the students are enlightened besides the normal curriculum taught in a joyful way. Our school is 'highly recognized by the communities for its excellence.
We are running 4 adult education centres where 100 more illiterate poor women are enrolled. This programme is being run by our volunteers specially school going girls in our project areas. However we are eagerly trying to generate fund f"roln external agencies as well as i'rom the communities to make all the women speciall" 5HG members functional literate . thia is a very important programme for tile illiterate women to ensure their empowcrment and self reliant.
We are running one NON-Format education centres where 50 more un-School and drop-out students are enrolled. This programme is being run by our volunteers specially school going our project areas. Which Sanctioned by the Govt of W.B. (under D.I. of Schools) Bankura 1981-82 Financial year and minimum honorium paid by the Govt of W.B. upto - 1988 and after closing that we are eagerly trying to generate fund foreign external agencies as well as from the communities to make all the students functional literate . This is a very important programme for our Remote & illiterate - based Area concern.

Self Help Group
Poor women who are not listed BPL category has been brought under SHG. Thus 260 such women are enrollled in 20 SHGs. They are generating local fund their saving and all the groups are linked wIth local banks. 6 SIIGs covering 72 members received bank loan for undertaking micro-enterprise, We are also trying to mobilize grant for promotion of such SHGs to cover all the women in our areas to address their better livelihood intervention.

Cleaning Of Common Water Tank
To make the water hygienically clean, we distributed lime and engaged volunteers for the water. This has created an impact as the communities are aware about the clean water to be used for bathing and cleaning their house hold utensils.

Organizing Sports
We organized coaching for football game by engaging one experience coach. 25 players got coaching. Further we organized inter block Football tournament where our team also participated. We have received immense response from our youth. So attempt will be made to cover more youths in sports and games by exploring external fund.

Panchyet Raj - Youth Awarness
We organized "Panchyet Raj" conduct seminar program for YUVA enrichment about the knowledge of administrative system of Panchyet Rule extending the interest for the local people in our project area . Last year which sponsored by ( Ministry youth Affairs , Govt. of India) Nehru Yuba Kendra Bankura.